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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do you do the design in-house?

    Yes, we take you through from the initial design phase all the way to handover. Our designers are highly experienced at high-end architectural homes and have won a plethora of awards, including house of the year multiple times.

    2. Does Unique Built handle all necessary permits and approvals?

    We work closely with Town Planners to help you every step of the way through the Development Approval (DA) and Building Approval (BA) process.

    3. What are the expected costs for a bespoke luxury home?

    Building costs are dependent on the type of construction method used. This ranges from Steel Frame to Suspended Concrete to Tension Cabled Suspended Concrete or a combination of both. The most cost-effective is a Steel Frame. We then work through the inclusions/extras (lift pool, sauna, etc) you would like to include and give a fixed-price turn key package.

    4. How long does it take to build a custom-designed home with Unique Built?

    Every home is different, but they range from 9 months to 14 months depending on the type of construction for residential homes, m2 etc – For commercial projects, it can take between 12-24 months. Please book a call to discuss

    5. How long is the design/approval process?

    This can take anywhere from 6 weeks to months, depending on the approval we need. We design homes/towers/duplexes in a way where we minimise this as much as possible to avoid MCU’s, Impact Assessments etc.

    6. How many projects do you build a year? Can you fit me in?

    We can only handle 12 projects a year. This ensures that we maintain high standards for our builds so that our onsite team are not spread too thin.

    7. How does Unique Built ensure the quality of its homes?

    Unique Built ensures the quality of its homes through a steadfast commitment to excellence, utilising proven methods and rejecting lesser practices that don’t meet our high standards. This dedication is solidified by our 25-year structural guarantee, reflecting the confidence we have in our workmanship, endorsed by Master Builders legislation. Our comprehensive approach, from concept to completion, involves direct collaboration with our skilled team, guaranteeing that the end product is the luxury dream home you envisage.

    8. What type of warranty or post-construction support does Unique Built offer?

    Unique Built offers a 25-year structural guarantee, demonstrating our unwavering confidence in the quality and longevity of our homes. We conduct thorough inspections before handover and provide a 12-month defect period for any issues that may arise.

    9. What is bespoke home design, and how does it differ from standard home designs?

    Bespoke home design is the embodiment of personalisation, where every facet is meticulously tailored to your lifestyle and preferences, standing in stark contrast to standard designs which often follow a one-size-fits-all blueprint. Unique Built homes are conceived from a blank canvas, ensuring that your residence is as inimitable as your signature, not just another iteration of a common template.