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Duplex designs allow you to optimise the value of your land by occupying a single block with two connected houses. Due to the growing popularity of close-knit and compact living, particularly in urban locations, dual occupancy is a sensible method of ensuring maximum investment potential.

Award Winning Brisbane Duplex Builders

We specialise in the delivery of dual occupancy buildings that fit your style choices, living requirements, and budget as award winning Brisbane builders of revolutionary duplex home designs throughout Brisbane. Contact us today to schedule an obligation-free consultation to learn more about our duplex options.

Duplex Home Design

Homebuilders will occasionally claim to have a set of standard duplex designs that can be applied to various parcels of land, but such blueprints are simply not possible. Building a property with two houses side by side has its own set of obstacles that aren’t common in single-family home designs.

Dual-occupancy homes necessitate a unique design solution that considers the style, size, and complexity of your land plot, as well as your property goals and financial limits. We’ll build you the best dual living home you’ve always wanted in close collaboration with our in-house design team.

The Advantages of Building a Duplex Home

The cost of constructing a stunning new duplex home in Brisbane is less than you might think, and the financial potential is very attractive. For investors, there are several important advantages to building a duplex home, including:

  • There are no common rooms or entrances, despite the fact that each unit shares a central wall. Each dwelling is fully separate from its neighbouring property, with its own utilities, bedrooms, yards, and, in most cases, garages.
  • Duplex housing offers excellent financial options, whether you want to build a duplex home and live in it while renting out the next property, or buy it simply as an investment with the goal of leasing both dwellings.
  • Better than a granny flat — when it comes to selling, duplex residences are often significantly more appealing to home buyers than a single-family property with a granny flat.
  • Strata title is optional — having no strata title allows you to earn more money from your rental property.

Is a Duplex Home Design Suitable for My Block of Land?

Before you consider having a duplex built, there are a few things to consider, such as:

  • Zoning restrictions in your municipality – your block of land must be greater than the minimum necessary.
  • Drainage – It must be proven that your site will not cause drainage or stormwater concerns.

To ensure that there are no misunderstandings about compliance standards, all local governments have building rules easily available for you to view.

The Best Way to Profit from Duplex Home Ownership

Multiple properties on a same piece of property will usually boost your equity. Creating subdivisions and building several low-maintenance homes opens up a slew of money-making opportunities, including:

  • Renting out each home to generate several streams of revenue
  • Sell each property outright for a large one-time profit.
  • Live in one home while selling the other.
  • To help pay off your mortgage faster, live in one property and rent out the other.

Single or Two Storey Duplex Homes?

Both single and double-storey duplexes have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Single-storey homes are ideal for retirees or couples who don’t have children or whose children have grown up and moved away.

Families frequently choose single-storey homes since staircases can be difficult for newborns and younger children to navigate. Single-storey homes also have speedier construction times, which is a huge plus for people who want to move into their dream home sooner or just start benefitting from their investment sooner.

First and foremost, double storey duplex buildings conserve space, making them perfect for highly crowded areas as well as maximising your income return if you plan to rent your properties out. Aside from that, the extra floor affords superior vistas, and the top and bottom storeys might create a sense of privacy for parents with teenage children.

Advantages of Custom Designed Homes

You have a lot of options – with a project house, the construction process is quite rigid and leaves little possibility for customization. Those who want something that deviates even slightly from the pre-existing floor plans will quickly discover that doing so will result in a significant rise in the total cost.

However, with a custom made home, the freedom of choice is at the heart of the entire experience. You tell us what you want us to design for you instead of being shown the various designs. Our in-house staff is entrusted with transforming your ideas into a great, liveable new luxury abode, and your ideas and input impact the final home design.

Every aspect of your new home is up to you, including the architectural style (Contemporary, Art Deco, Edwardian, Georgian, Victorian, to name a few – the choice is yours), interior and exterior colour schemes (with expert guidance from our interior designer), lighting, layout, amenities, and everything in between.

They’re very reasonably priced — a project house may appear to be a great deal at first sight, but after optional extras are included in or floor plans are adjusted, expenses may spiral out of control. Buyers quickly realise that custom homes offer genuine value for money once they understand this.

We review your budget with you during your initial appointment with us and give you an idea of the size and quality of home you can expect to have built for you in your price range. We work on fixed-price contracts at Unique Built, which means the price you’re offered on the contract agreement will never alter unless you decide to make extra changes to your design at a later date.

Environmentally friendly design – while the bulk of the homes we build are on the larger side of the scale, we make sure that each one is eight-star energy efficient. Each home is outfitted with a variety of environmentally friendly features, including as rainwater harvesting systems and grey water recycling mechanisms, as well as high-quality insulation and building materials that improve comfort and reduce dependency on power-hungry electrical appliances.

The dwellings are cleverly designed to take advantage of the cool incoming air while also incorporating energy-saving lighting and energy-efficient appliances. All of these eco-friendly features contribute to a home that has a lower carbon footprint and saves you money on your energy bills.

 Why Unique Built?

  • Award Winning Designs: Over the years, we’ve been awarded numerous accolades in recognition of our home building designs
  • A Rewarding Experience: The entire home building process; from the initial consultation, through to the design, construction and eventual handover of the keys to your brand-new duplex, we guarantee that the entire experience is an enjoyable one. Having a brand-new luxury residence designed and built for you is a special moment in your life and one that should be treasured forever
  • Only The Best Materials and Craftsmanship: All businesses live and die by their reputation. At Unique Built, we aim to ensure that the highest standards of excellence are present in everything we do. All contractors employed by us are proven master tradesmen with unblemished work records. Additionally, all materials used our in work is of the finest quality
  • Regular Site Inspections: Every duplex building project undertaken by us, is under the direct supervision of managing director and certified Queensland master builder, Jim Taylor, who has presided over the construction of countless luxury homes throughout Brisbane
  • What Our Clients Say: Our clients are the ultimate judges of the services we provide. To hear their opinion on their experiences with us, please head on over to our client testimonials page.

25 Year Structural Guarantee

Financial stability and a peerless reputation, coupled with an unmatched level of experience developing first class luxury homes for our clients, enables us to offer an astounding 25 year structural guarantee with all luxury homes built.

Fixed Price Contract

All luxury properties developed by Unique Built utilise a Fixed Price Building Contract. No hidden fees or charges.

Client Stories

Discover Why Clients trust Unique Built

"From the initial consultation to the handover of our beautiful new home, Unique Built was outstanding. They were able to implement everything we asked for with ease and efficiency, and no task was ever too difficult. Everyone involved in the design and construction of the home went above and beyond to create a fabulous new residence, and I'm eternally grateful for all the hours of hard work that went into fine-tuning every aspect of it. Jim Taylor and his team were an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout the entire build. Our thanks extend to Jim and everyone else involved in the creation of our wonderful new homestead".

- Jack Patrick

"My wife and I recently had a custom home built here on the Gold Coast by Jim Taylor and his team at Unique Built. From the initial site inspection through to the final completion of the new residence, we found everyone to be very polite and professional to deal with, making the whole experience that much more enjoyable. The end result is nothing short of spectacular, and we wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone. We're looking to get another investment property built sometime later this year and will definitely be in touch with Jim and the team again for this project as well. Thanks again".

- Jeffrey O'Shea

"Our new home is an absolute masterpiece. No stuff-ups or unforeseen delays. As a self-confessed perfectionist myself and someone who is very self-critical and hard to please. I was taken aback by the remarkable workmanship and pristine build quality of our new residence. The advice care and communication we received throughout the entire build has been exceptional. Our utmost gratitude and thanks to Jim and the rest of the team at Unique Built".

- Peter Mason

"Now in my 60's my husband and I needed a house on one level but we had a sloping block to build on. From the design right through to when we received the keys, the whole process was a great experience This is the 3rd house we have built and by far the easiest. We'll be here until we are carried out thank you so much to Jim and the team we love our new house".

- Jo Kularni

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