Multi-Award Winning Brisbane Luxury Home Builders

Award winning Architectural Design

Award Winning Architectural Designs

Award winning Architectural Design

25 Year Structural Guarantee

Award winning Architectural Design

500+ Unique Designs and Builds

Award winning Architectural Design

All-Inclusive Turnkey Price

Award winning Architectural Design

3 Decades of Craftsmanship

Award winning Architectural Design

Family Owned Business

What We Do

We Specialise in

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Custom Home Designs

With unwavering dedication, our in-house specialists tailor every Brisbane custom home design to maximise your land’s potential, reflect your personal taste, and maintain budget integrity for a home that’s distinctively yours.

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Waterfront Homes

Specialising in Brisbane waterfront homes, we navigate the complexities of coastal construction to create your bespoke haven by the water’s edge.

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Knock Down Rebuilds

Love your location but want a fresh start? Unique Built transforms your existing block of land into your dream space, effortlessly blending the familiar with the new. Enquire about our Brisbane knock down rebuild services today.

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Duplex Homes

Elevate your investment with a custom-designed Brisbane duplex meticulously tailored by our award-winning team to suit your land, lifestyle, and budget.

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Multi-Residential Projects

From luxurious residential towers to sophisticated apartment complexes and 4 storey villas, we skillfully navigate the intricacies of multi-residential construction.

At Unique Built, our identity as a Brisbane luxury home builder is deeply etched in every design.

Our identity as a Luxury Brisbane Home Builder is deeply etched in every design.
Brisbane Luxury Home Builder Unique built

Since 1996, we have been transforming Queensland’s landscapes with bespoke homes, relishing the challenges that each unique site presents.

Multi-Award Winning Brisbane Luxury Home Builder

Our Expertise

A Legacy of Precision in Design

As a Brisbane luxury home builder, we pride ourselves on precision in design. Every line drawn and brick laid reflects our commitment to individual design. Our over 500 bespoke Brisbane custom homes bear testament to our reputation for precise work and strong client collaborations.

At Unique Built, our in-house consultant team is the backbone of our promise to deliver precision and quality. Comprising a seasoned designer, a meticulous estimator, and a detail-oriented contracts administrator, our ensemble ensures that every design not only meets but aligns seamlessly with your budgetary expectations.

Embracing a global perspective, we cater to an international clientele with a particular acumen for serving the diverse needs of our customers from China and India. Our cultural savvy enhances our service, ensuring each home we craft resonates with the cultural nuances of its owner.

We Make the Complex, Simple

Complicated Luxury Builds

At Unique Built, there’s no such thing as too complex. We are experienced Brisbane custom home builders and thrive on challenges, transforming the extraordinary into reality.


We specialise in tackling intricate projects, particularly in demanding sites like waterfront locations. Our expertise isn’t just about aesthetic allure, we build masterpieces on a foundation of unparalleled structural soundness, designed to stand the test of time.

Our expertise in complicated luxury builds includes but is not limited to:

Innovative Underground Spaces

Offering fully fitted underground carparks ideal for large car collections, featuring mancaves, wine cellars, cinema rooms, and saunas. Our tensioned cable-suspended concrete slabs create pillar-free basements, maximising space and style.

Unique Designs for Unique Blocks

Specialising in 1 of 1 designs for challenging landscapes, including odd shapes, slopes, and easements. Each design is crafted to maximise views from all bedrooms and living areas while ensuring abundant natural light.

Architectural Features and Specialties

Our homes showcase special features such as hanging beds, putting greens, custom plantar boxes, micro cement/Venetian plaster finishes, basketball courts, mood lighting, smart home systems, and both residential & commercial lifts.

Signature Structural and Design Elements

Our homes feature stunning timber ceilings, stone feature walls, and groundbreaking structural elements like the 12-tonne precast concrete arch, exemplifying our commitment to innovation and unique architectural expression.

Innovative Construction Techniques

We're experts in creating engineered counter-levered and technical structural steel homes, requiring intricate beam, post, and welding work. Curves are our forte, bringing a fluid aesthetic to our designs.

Our Difference

Bespoke Home Designs From Scratch

We pride ourselves on delivering unique designs from scratch for every client. Our in-house building designer is committed to crafting bespoke homes that are as individual as you are—never repeating a design, ensuring your home is the only one of its kind.

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25 Year Structural Guarantee

Secure your future with our 25-year structural guarantee, ensuring lasting quality and peace of mind in every cornerstone.

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All-Inclusive Turnkey Price

Unlock the door to your dream home with our all-inclusive turnkey pricing, ensuring no hidden costs and a hassle-free journey from start to finish.

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Landscaping & Interior Design

Discover the ease of a complete home solution; our specialists in landscaping and interior design handle every nuance, delivering a space that’s ready for your first step in.

Master Builders and Other Prestigious Awards

Over 30 Awards Since 1996

Unique Built Best Display Home Master Builders 2019
Unique Built Best Display Home Master Builders 2019
Unique Built Best Display Home Master Builders 2019
Unique Built Best Display Home Master Builders 2019
Unique Built Best Display Home Master Builders 2019
Unique Built Best Display Home Master Builders 2019

Brisbane Luxury Home Builder

Our Process

Step one: Consult


Collaborate with our expert team to explore initial concepts, preferred aesthetics, and essential features for your residence.

Step two: Concept | Gold Coast Home Builder


We unveil our tailored design proposition, transforming your aspirations into reality.

Step three: refine | Gold Coast Home Builder


Collaborate with our expert team to explore initial concepts, preferred aesthetics, and essential features for your residence.

Step four: Invest | Gold Coast Home Builder


Collaborate with our expert team to explore initial concepts, preferred aesthetics, and essential features for your residence.

Step five: Prepare | Gold Coast Home Builder


Attain soil assessments and contour surveys to complete essential engineering documents and secure building approvals.

Step six: Commit | Gold Coast Home Builder


Celebrate the formalisation of our partnership and our shared commitment to your vision with the signing of a fixed-price contract.

Step seven: Construct | Gold Coast Home Builder


We perfect your selections, provide regular progress updates, and mark a significant step towards your vision with each meeting.

Step eight: Celebrate | Gold Coast Home Builder


Join us in the handover celebration, as we present the keys to your new home, a testament to the fulfillment of your vision.

Client Stories

Discover Why Clients trust Unique Built

"From the initial consultation to the handover of our beautiful new home, Unique Built was outstanding. They were able to implement everything we asked for with ease and efficiency, and no task was ever too difficult. Everyone involved in the design and construction of the home went above and beyond to create a fabulous new residence, and I'm eternally grateful for all the hours of hard work that went into fine-tuning every aspect of it. Jim Taylor and his team were an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout the entire build. Our thanks extend to Jim and everyone else involved in the creation of our wonderful new homestead".

- Jack Patrick

"My wife and I recently had a custom home built here on the Gold Coast by Jim Taylor and his team at Unique Built. From the initial site inspection through to the final completion of the new residence, we found everyone to be very polite and professional to deal with, making the whole experience that much more enjoyable. The end result is nothing short of spectacular, and we wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone. We're looking to get another investment property built sometime later this year and will definitely be in touch with Jim and the team again for this project as well. Thanks again".

- Jeffrey O'Shea

"Our new home is an absolute masterpiece. No stuff-ups or unforeseen delays. As a self-confessed perfectionist myself and someone who is very self-critical and hard to please. I was taken aback by the remarkable workmanship and pristine build quality of our new residence. The advice care and communication we received throughout the entire build has been exceptional. Our utmost gratitude and thanks to Jim and the rest of the team at Unique Built".

- Peter Mason

"Now in my 60's my husband and I needed a house on one level but we had a sloping block to build on. From the design right through to when we received the keys, the whole process was a great experience This is the 3rd house we have built and by far the easiest. We'll be here until we are carried out thank you so much to Jim and the team we love our new house".

- Jo Kularni

The Unique Story

Born on the Gold Coast in 1996, Unique was envisioned as a family-driven venture anchored in passion.

Unique's foundations are steeped in a family heritage of craftsmanship, a legacy Jim Taylor has cherished and nurtured. Now, at the helm, his sons Jesse and Ty carry on the Unique tradition. As luxury home builders, they honour the past, infusing every project with the dedication and mastery that has become their signature.

Jesse and Ty possess a remarkable eye for design, offering inspiration and expert guidance throughout the client's journey. Personalised service is their hallmark, promising a building experience as refined and flawless as the luxurious Gold Coast custom homes they construct.

Clarity for Your Custom Build Queries

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you do the design in-house?

Yes, we take you through from the initial design phase all the way to handover. Our designers are highly experienced at high-end architectural homes and have won a plethora of awards, including house of the year multiple times.

2. Does Unique Built handle all necessary permits and approvals?

We handle the building approval and work closely with town planners to help you every step of the way through the Development Approval (DA) and Building Approval (BA) process.

3. What are the expected costs for a bespoke luxury home?

Building costs are dependent on the type of construction method used. This ranges from Steel Frame to Suspended Concrete to Tension Cabled Suspended Concrete or a combination of both. The most cost-effective is a Steel Frame. We then work through the inclusions/extras (lift pool, sauna, etc) you would like to include and give a fixed-price turn key package.

4. How long does it take to build a custom-designed home with Unique Built?

Every home is different, but they range from 9 months to 14 months depending on the type of construction for residential homes, m2 etc – For commercial projects, it can take between 12-24 months. Please book a call to discuss

5. How long is the design/approval process?

This can take anywhere from 6 weeks to months, depending on the approval we need. We design homes/towers/duplexes in a way where we minimise this as much as possible to avoid MCU’s, Impact Assessments etc.

6. How many projects do you build a year? Can you fit me in?

We can only handle 12 projects a year. This ensures that we maintain high standards for our builds so that our onsite team are not spread too thin.

7. How does Unique Built ensure the quality of its homes?

Unique Built ensures the quality of its homes through a steadfast commitment to excellence, utilising proven methods and rejecting lesser practices that don’t meet our high standards. This dedication is solidified by our 25-year structural guarantee, reflecting the confidence we have in our workmanship, endorsed by Master Builders legislation​​. Our comprehensive approach, from concept to completion, involves direct collaboration with our skilled team, guaranteeing that the end product is the luxury dream home you envisage​.

8. What type of warranty or post-construction support does Unique Built offer?

Unique Built offers a 25-year structural guarantee, demonstrating our unwavering confidence in the quality and longevity of our homes. We conduct thorough inspections before handover and provide a 12-month defect period for any issues that may arise.

9. What are custom homes?

As the term suggests, custom homes are personalised residences designed according to a family’s lifestyle and preferences. Custom home builders Brisbane will help you design and construct a magnificent custom residence for you in your preferred location and surroundings. 

A custom home uses a “one-off” plan that satisfies the needs and preferences of each family member. Since a contractor constructs your residence according to your specific preferences, a custom home offers the utmost comfort and luxury for you and your family.

Families living in custom homes Brisbane allows them to fully utilise the land they own. If you are thinking about building a custom home but haven’t purchased the land yet, it’s best to reach out to a custom home builder in advance.

That way, they will explain all the potential constraints of the area. This, in turn, will prevent long-term disappointment should these constraints prevent you from executing your plans for your custom home. 

Professional builders help clients design and construct their custom-built homes Brisbane so they will feel satisfied down the track.

10. What does a custom home builder do?

Custom home builders design and construct unique and personalised residences for their customers. They guide their clients through the custom home design and construction process:

  1. Design brief: Custom home builders and their design team meet with the clients to conceptualise a design brief that breaks down the concept for the custom home. This initial meeting is crucial because the builder will guide the client in exhausting all the possible features and enhancements for the custom design home Brisbane. Completing this all-important first step will ensure the client’s long-term satisfaction. 
  2. Final home design: Once the custom home builder and client finish the initial design sketches, the builder will develop them into a final custom home design that includes floor plan and elevations. The designer will collaborate with the construction crew during this phase. They will make sure the custom-built home Brisbane fits the client’s budget. At Unique Built, we ensure our clients receive the ultimate custom homes Brisbane for their budget.
  3. Client feedback: The custom home builder will present the final design to the client for feedback. Clients can share thoughts about possible modifications for their custom-built homes Brisbane during this stage. 
  4. Construction: Building of your custom home will commence once you and your builder agree on its final design. Clients will also meet with their interior design team during the construction phase so they can share their preferences for fittings, finishes, and colours of their custom home design.
  5. Completion: Your custom home builders Brisbane will give you the keys to your brand-new house upon completion. You and your family are now ready to settle into your custom home.

11. Why build a custom home?

Building a custom home doesn’t necessarily mean living in a lavish and luxurious mansion. Rather, true luxury means having all your necessities and living your chosen lifestyle. 

Custom design homes Brisbane boast features that are a perfect fit for your family’s activities, hobbies, comfort, preferences, and lifestyle. Your custom home allows you to enjoy features such as a sundeck roof, spacious lawn, or swimming pool unique to you and your family. 

Not only that, but custom homes also allow house owners to prepare for the future. For instance, you can request your custom home builders Brisbane to include energy-efficient, home automation, and house security features that meet your family’s needs.

12. What are the essentials when constructing a custom home?

Here are the factors clients must consider when building their Brisbane custom home design.

Land constraints

Building a custom home means your design and floor plan complement your preferred location.

Do you prefer a single-storey, two-storey, or three-storey home? Blocks with slopes can sometimes result in sloping block home designs (split-level home designs) that highlight the blocks’ natural features.

With that in mind, two-storey custom homes typically maximise most blocks of land. However, if a single-storey house is more up your alley, that’s fine as well.

Your custom home builders in Brisbane will work with you to overcome possible land constraints down the track. It’s imperative you establish clear communication on how your house design will complement your location and follow council regulations.


Unforeseen expenses and variables are a major headache for many clients. Planning ahead and staying within your budget helps avert any financial-related crisis.

Your custom home builders in Brisbane will typically advise you to set aside 20 percent of your budget for these unforeseen expenses. This contingency plan will give you peace of mind and ensure the construction process goes smoothly.   

Material quality

Using substandard materials for your custom home is a recipe for disaster. Durable and robust materials that stand the test of time will let you and your family enjoy the comforts of home for many years. 

Choose a custom home builder Brisbane who offers high-quality inclusions without any hidden costs. These materials should withstand the elements, wear and tear, and deterioration better than similar substandard products. 

Timetable projection

Collaborating with an architect and builder for Brisbane custom home designs can be a painstaking and arduous process. Timetables differ because of pending council approval, client considerations, and on-site conditions. 

Contractors usually take 12 to 15 months to finish building custom homes. However, other factors including demolition and looking for suitable property may stretch that timetable a bit longer. On that note, we recommend our clients to leave their custom-built homes Brisbane vacant for 18 months to prevent any hassles.

Selecting the right builder

Constructing a custom home is a major life decision that will affect your family’s quality of life for many years. Don’t take this decision lightly – it all starts with choosing the right builder for your custom design homes Brisbane. 

Do your research accordingly. Scour the internet for custom home builders who have excellent track records and reputations. Check their official websites and social media pages for feedback from their clients. If you have trusted friends who have custom homes in Brisbane, ask them for feedback on their contractors as well.

13. What’s the difference between designing a custom home with an architect and a builder?

Your architect and builder will work in tandem to make your dream custom home a reality. The former will design your residence while the latter will construct it. They must make sure the design will maximise your target property and fit your budget. 

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