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Discover the serene elegance of Ärch, where luxury waterfront home living is reimagined with Japanese-inspired minimalism and bespoke detail.

Nestled along the serene waterfront of Broadbeach on the Gold Coast, Ärch, is a testament to the harmonious marriage of architecture and nature in creating a luxury waterfront home. Drawing inspiration from fluid and organic forms, this residence stands as a representation of our design and construction ethos at Unique Built homes.

Approaching the home, you are welcomed with an awe-inspiring 8-meter arch at the front entry, inviting guests into the warmth of the Cehmer microcement dimly lit with warm lighting. The Ärch residence boasts four expansive voids strategically positioned to usher in an abundance of natural light, casting a warm and inviting glow across the curated spaces.

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The Ärch residence is a symphony of design elements that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living.

Each space is carefully crafted to enhance connectivity, offering a layout that not only complements the rhythms of daily life but also invites the natural surroundings to become an integral part of the living experience. Ascending to the second story, you are met with a hanging bed suspended to optimise the view.

We have focused on wabi sabi minimalism with Ärch. Superfluous trims and embellishments have been artfully stripped away, leaving a canvas of simplicity. This ethos extends to the breathtaking beige breeze-block wall near the entrance, providing a sense of delineation that resonates with the broader design narrative.

In the heart of Broadbeach, Ärch redefines the very essence of coastal living.

In the heart of Broadbeach, Ärch redefines the very essence of coastal living, setting a new benchmark for luxury waterfront homes. With its Japanese influence and minimalistic but articulate attention to detail, it stands as an emblem of the seamless integration of modern luxury and the natural world.

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Luxury Waterfront Home

Project Snapshot

Luxury Waterfront Home Location: Broadbeach Waters, QLD
Location: Broadbeach Waters, QLD
Luxury Waterfront Home Rooms: 5 Bed + Media + Study
Rooms: 5 Bed + Media + Study
Luxury Waterfront Home | Bathrooms: 4 Bath + Powder
Bathrooms: 4 Bath + Powder
Luxury Waterfront Home | Parking: 2 Car Garage + 2 Car Gate
Parking: 2 Car Garage + 2 Car Gate
Luxury Waterfront Home | Completion: December 2023
Completion: December 2023
Luxury Waterfront Home | Land Size: Land 728m2 / House 555m2
Land Size: Land 728m2 / House 555m2

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