Modern kitchen in designer home featuring Greek-inspired elegance and contemporary design in Sanctuary Cove.



A Harmonious Symphony of Greek Inspiration and Modern Elegance in Sanctuary Cove

Asylo, in the Sanctuary Cove estate, embodies the essence of its Greek name, meaning ‘sanctuary.’ Designed to reflect the true meaning of a sanctuary, it draws inspiration from Greek architecture, blending it with contemporary design finishes. Asylo’s balance of classic and modern elements created a significant buzz online, attracting attention as a prize home for LMCT+.

The design of Asylo has been acclaimed for its thoughtful integration of architectural styles. Its online presence, including platforms like Instagram and real estate websites, generated over 1.8 million unique impressions. This widespread recognition is a testament to the home’s appealing design and its resonance with a broad audience.

Contemporary and stylish kitchen in Asylo, a designer home that fuses Greek elegance with modern living in Sanctuary Cove.

The Art of Luxury and Functionality: Inside Asylo’s Tranquil and Modern Sanctuary

The interior of Asylo is a blend of luxury and functionality. The spaces are designed with a focus on comfort, style, and modern convenience. The use of high-quality materials and finishes throughout the home adds to its appeal, making it a coveted residence within the community. The home’s layout and design features cater to both aesthetic appeal and practical living.

Asylo stands as a unique and innovative addition to the Sanctuary Cove estate. Its design not only reflects the architectural heritage of Greece but also incorporates the best of contemporary living. This home is a sanctuary in every sense, offering a peaceful retreat that is both luxurious and welcoming.

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Luxury Designer Home | Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast QLD
Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast QLD
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Rooms: 5 Bed
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Bathrooms: 4 Bath
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Parking: 2 Car Garage + 2 Off-Street
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Completion: December 2021
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Land Size: 398m2 / House 330m2

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