Aua De Mar: Unique Built's Masterpiece by Prestige Home Builder on the Gold Coast

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Aua De Mar

A Sanctuary of Sophistication: Discovering Aua De Mar’s Seamless Blend of Natural Beauty and Contemporary Luxury.

Aua De Mar, an embodiment of peace and tranquillity, is a unique residence crafted by Unique Built, a prestige home builder known for combining warmth and earthy tones to create a serene atmosphere. The home’s design is a celebration of natural beauty, with external materials and colour palettes thoughtfully carried through to the interior by Unique Built, enriching it with meticulous details and a harmonious ambience.

The interior, a testament to the expertise of Unique Built as a prestige home builder, is distinguished by a remarkable feature that showcases the owner’s car collection. Elegantly displayed through a viewing window in the main living area, this element adds a unique and personal touch to the home, blending the owner’s passion with the residence’s tranquil character. This design choice reflects a seamless fusion of personal interests with luxurious living.

Aua De Mar: Unique Built's Masterpiece by Prestige Home Builder on the Gold Coast

Beyond Architecture: Aua De Mar’s Journey from Tranquil Interiors to Resort-Style Grandeur

Transitioning from the interior, the living area opens out onto an expansive terrace, another example of Unique Built’s craftsmanship as a prestige home builder. This outdoor space is a haven for relaxation and social gatherings, offering an ideal setting for unwinding and entertaining amidst the beauty of the residence’s surroundings.

The property further extends into a resort-style yard, complete with a swimming pool, a sunset bar, and a sunken firepit, all hallmarks of Unique Built’s status as a prestige home builder. This outdoor area is designed for ultimate relaxation and enjoyment, capturing the essence of luxury living. Aua De Mar provides its residents with an experience that goes beyond mere aesthetics, offering a sanctuary where the healing powers of coming home are palpably felt.

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Project Snapshot

Prestige Home Builder Gold Coast Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast QLD
Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast QLD
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Rooms: 5 Bed
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Bathrooms: 4 Bath
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Parking: 2 Car Garage + 2 Off-Street
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Completion: In Progress
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Land Size: 398m2 / House 330m2

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