Unique Built


Unique Built stands at the forefront of innovative developments in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Our projects, guided by Jim Taylor’s vision and enriched by Jesse and Ty’s creativity, redefine luxury living. Each development, from majestic high-rises to expansive residential complexes, showcases our commitment to excellence.

Our buildings are more than structures; they are icons of luxury and innovative design. Our portfolio, featuring everything from 10-story towers to custom residences, demonstrates our skill in large-scale, quality construction.

We blend modern technology with traditional techniques, creating developments that are structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Every project reflects our holistic approach, considering sustainability, design details, and interior elegance.

The Unique Story

Born on the Gold Coast in 1996, Unique was envisioned as a family-driven venture anchored in passion.

Unique's foundations are steeped in a family heritage of craftsmanship, a legacy Jim Taylor has cherished and nurtured. Now, at the helm, his sons Jesse and Ty carry on the Unique tradition. As luxury home builders, they honour the past, infusing every project with the dedication and mastery that has become their signature.

Jesse and Ty possess a remarkable eye for design, offering inspiration and expert guidance throughout the client's journey. Personalised service is their hallmark, promising a building experience as refined and flawless as the luxurious Gold Coast custom homes they construct.