Unique Built

Duplex Houses

Unique Built, renowned as award-winning Gold Coast duplex builders, crafts duplex houses that epitomize modern living while maximizing land value. Recognizing the growing trend towards densely populated living, we specialise in designing and constructing duplex homes tailored to individual tastes and budget considerations.

These homes, which feature two adjoining properties on a single plot, offer the perfect balance of privacy and investment potential. We design each duplex considering factors like land plot characteristics and personal goals, ensuring a custom solution for dual-occupancy living.

Leaders in the Gold Coast duplex building arena, committed to transparency, professionalism, and quality. They turn the dream of owning a stylish, functional duplex into a reality with their design, construction, and handover process.

The Unique Story

Born on the Gold Coast in 1996, Unique was envisioned as a family-driven venture anchored in passion.

Unique's foundations are steeped in a family heritage of craftsmanship, a legacy Jim Taylor has cherished and nurtured. Now, at the helm, his sons Jesse and Ty carry on the Unique tradition. As luxury home builders, they honour the past, infusing every project with the dedication and mastery that has become their signature.

Jesse and Ty possess a remarkable eye for design, offering inspiration and expert guidance throughout the client's journey. Personalised service is their hallmark, promising a building experience as refined and flawless as the luxurious Gold Coast custom homes they construct.