Unique Built


At Unique Built, we stand out as a waterfront home builder on the Gold Coast, backed by over 50 years of experience in creating luxury waterfront houses. We pride ourselves on exceeding our clients’ expectations, often completing projects within 32 to 38 weeks. Our approach ensures timely delivery within budget for every home we build.

Our team includes skilled craftsmen and tradesmen, essential to our success in waterfront home construction. We use advanced technology to offer 3D virtual tours before the construction phase. This way, clients can visualize their future homes in detail. As a luxury waterfront home builder, we aim to craft a masterpiece that reflects each homeowner’s unique style.

Our team is committed to surpassing our clients’ expectations through professionalism, expertise, and superior customer service. We value honesty, integrity, and transparency in all our projects. As part of the Queensland Master Builders Association, we always aim to elevate industry standards. Choose Unique Built for your waterfront home on the Gold Coast, where we specialize in custom-designed homes that offer great value and investment potential.

The Unique Story

Born on the Gold Coast in 1996, Unique was envisioned as a family-driven venture anchored in passion.

Unique's foundations are steeped in a family heritage of craftsmanship, a legacy Jim Taylor has cherished and nurtured. Now, at the helm, his sons Jesse and Ty carry on the Unique tradition. As luxury home builders, they honour the past, infusing every project with the dedication and mastery that has become their signature.

Jesse and Ty possess a remarkable eye for design, offering inspiration and expert guidance throughout the client's journey. Personalised service is their hallmark, promising a building experience as refined and flawless as the luxurious Gold Coast custom homes they construct.